4 Years and Counting – My Personal Advice on Love

Today marks 4 years from a day that I will always remember. 4 years ago on this very day (January 5th) my husband and I went on our very first date together. Ever since then, I couldn’t get that man out of my mind or my heart. It was right after we both got off of work. We had worked in a retail store together, which is where we met. He had asked if I wanted to go to the movies or go out to eat. I picked the movies because for some silly reason I was nervous to eat in front of him LOL! We both like scary movies so we ended up watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre (don’t laugh!). It’s kind of ironic how that was our first movie together and we ended up living in Texas together as our first home. Not sure if that’s far fetched but it seems meant to be for me. Haha.

Anyway, I will always remember that day. The whole time during the movie I could tell he wanted to hold my hand but being as the movie was pretty gory, there never seemed to be the right moment. After the movie, of course we didn’t want to part ways just yet so we drove down to the Tacoma waterfront because that was one of my favorite places. There is an area with stairs so you can walk down and touch the water. We walked down and threw some rocks into the water. This is where shared our first kiss together. I will always remember that day. Little did I know at the time that I’d end up marrying that person one day! Love really comes when you least expect it. At that time, 4 years ago, I had little expectations of a relationship. Before that day, I felt that I’d never find the right person or, if I did, it wouldn’t be until I was much older. I decided to date my now husband with an open heart. I ended up falling fast. I had known him for years at the time but never really took the time to REALLY get to know him personally outside of work. He turned out to be everything that I didn’t even know I wanted. Never have I found a friend that shares the same personality and life values as me. I’m glad that I can now call him my husband.

So if you take any advice from me, just know that there really are great things that life has in store for you. If you’re looking for love – stop looking. It will eventually find you when you least expect it. And when it does come, it will definitely be worth the wait!


Until next time,

xoxo –Gloria

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