7-Ingredient Zuppa Toscana: Easy Dinner Idea

Now that I’m a new wife, I’m constantly scrolling through Pinterest to look for new recipes to try out for dinner. It’s fun to try out new recipes and have my husband be the “taste tester”. The other night, it was cold out and we were in the mood for something warm. I decided to make Zuppa Toscana which is a creamy potato soup with sausage and kale. I’ve made it once before and my husband loved it so he was excited to have me make it again. It’s really simple to make and the version I made only consisted of 7 ingredients. This is by no means my own recipe so click here to visit the original website and view the full directions.

Here are the ingredients I used (forgot to include heavy cream):

The website actually called for a bunch of Kale but the grocery store I went to only had this 16 oz bag of chopped Kale which was actually a lot easier to use because I didn’t have to do any chopping. I only used about half of the bag.

My grocery store also didn’t have ground hot Italian sausage (go figure!). I just bought the regular sausage and removed it from the casings. It was pretty easy to do so and I made sure it was grounded all up while I was cooking it in the frying pan.

Here’s the sausage out of its casings. Not looking so pretty right now but it’s about to get good!

Here are my veggies, all diced up and ready to go! I have roasted bell peppers and onions.

Sautee the sausage with the onions.

Once sausage is cooked and onions are caramelized, add chicken stock and the roasted bell peppers. Let simmer.

Throw in the kale. It will like a lot but it shrinks quickly as it gets hot.

Now for the best part in my opinion – the potato gnocchi! Throw those in and let cook for about 5 more minutes, add in some heavy cream and you’re done!

Here is the finished product. I served it with some sourdough bread that I bought from Walmart. This soup was so good! You have to use the hot Italian sausage because that is what gives the dish all it’s flavor.

So there’s another go-to dish to add to my book! What are you all having for dinner tonight? I would love to know. Inspire me with your recipes!

Until next time,
xoxo -Gloria

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