Friday! : Yelp, Netflix and Pizza!

Happy Friday! Weekend time! If you work during the weekends, I’m sorry but I’ve totally been there before. Fridays are pretty chill days for my husband and I. A typical Friday for us would usually consist of me arriving home early from work as I wait for my husband to arrive at his usually time of 1700hrs (or later). I usually take advantage of this time to do anything I want to do without distraction (work on my blog, run errands, catch up on Bachelor!), then we’ll order pizza (my favorite!) or make something simple for dinner and cuddle up on the couch to a Netflix movie. We are so crazy, right?! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m just trying to enjoy the moments we have together before life comes at us (more deployments, more army training and possibly babies?).

During the first couple years of our relationship we were long distance so I always looked forward to doing even the simplest activities together like grocery shopping, eating dinner, watching a movie – anything! But we do still try to make the most out of this new area that we are in. Yelp has become our best friend lately. Any place that we want to go to, we will refer to Yelp for its reviews. If we are not sure what to do in the area, we open up Yelp! It’s fun to discover new places but sometimes I just wish I could easily drive somewhere and know where I’m going without the help of directions! I’m getting there, guys. I’m getting there.

Anyway, this weekend we’ll probably try to do a little more exploring around the area. I’ve found that Austin is a pretty cool city and only about an hour drive away. If you guys have ever been in the Central Texas area, let me know of any fun things to do! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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