Weekend Outings : Reminiscing on Green Enchiladas!

How was everyone’s weekend? Hubby and I had a pretty chill weekend. The weather on Saturday was pretty gloomy over here so we didn’t want to venture too far away from home. We had wanted to visit a park we found on Yelp so we drove up to Belton to check it out. Much to our dismay, the park was closed for some unknown reason but just down the road we found another park. Even though it was cold out, I layered on 3 sweaters and we walked along this trail we found that led us to a great view of Belton Lake! After walking around a bit over there, we decided to see what else there was to do close by. We found a small town with cool little shops along every corner. We parked our car and took a stroll around the block. It started to rain so we quickly got back to our car. We ended up stopping at Target because, who doesn’t love Target? We picked up some last minute ingredients for dinner and headed home.
My hubby decided to make dinner this weekend. He made his specialty: Chicken Enchiladas. He makes it with a spicy, creamy, green sauce and it tastes oh so good! He swears by his secret ingredient, which makes the sauce creamy and yummy! Every time my husband makes me enchiladas it always reminds me of the first time I tasted his. It was before we were dating. We were at work and my husband’s department was having a potluck so he had brought in some of his homemade enchiladas. I’m sure he was trying to impress me because I was just about to get off work and head home but he asked if I wanted to try some. I politely said “no thanks” only because I was about to head out and I didn’t want him to go through the trouble to get me a plate since the potluck had not even started yet. He seemed bummed that I rejected him so I quickly took back my response and said “ok”. He headed off to make me a plate to take home and met me at the time clock where I was just about to clock out for the day. I took that plate home and ate it up. It was so good! So now, every time I have some of those enchiladas, it always reminds me of that cute moment. Little did we know at that time that he would be making those enchiladas for me for many years to come but now as his wife! Don’t you ever wish you could go back and time and tell your old self everything you know now? I’d tell my old self “it’s okay, things get better”.
Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’ll leave some pictures of our little outing this weekend below. My husband snapped and edited these photos himself so, thank you! I wish I took more pictures of the food though! Lol


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