3 Things I’ve Learned Since I’ve Been Married

So many experiences in life (good and bad) cause us to learn new things. That’s the greatest part of life really; growing and learning so that you can become wiser. Everything we go through in life teaches us skills that we can use forever and possibly pass down to the next generation. So, today I am sharing with you 3 things I have learned since I’ve been married. Here they are:

  • I Can No Longer Think Of Only Myself. I’m married now! I have to consider my spouse in almost every decision I make. No more splurging at the mall! I usually tend to ask my husband before I buy a bunch of things online, not because I need his permission but just mostly so he knows. Also, he becomes my second opinion; letting me know if my decision to spend is smart or not lol.
  • I Appreciate My Mom a Lot More. Though she is a stay-at-home wife now, while we were growing up, my mom worked full-time jobs. She was tired when she came home but she still managed to gather the energy to put a hot meal on the table. She cleaned the house on the day off, grocery shopped and drove us places we wanted to go. Now, I’m a wife and I have to do all those things on my own. I didn’t realize how much work it was trying to find new recipes to make every day and grocery shop! But, let’s be honest, there are some days I ask my husband if he minds that we just order pizza!
  • My Husband is My BFF. My husband really is my best friend forever. When we PCS and I’m in a lonely area with no familiar faces around, I know that I will have at least one person to talk to and spend the weekends with – my husband. I can tell him anything and he gives pretty great advice too! He will be there when no one else is and that is something you really need to think about when you marry someone.

What life experiences have you gone through that’s caused you to gain some kind of wisdom or life lesson? I would love to know!

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