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Recently, I’ve been trying to find ways to save/make a little extra money. I came across a website called EBATES that actually gives you cash back from shopping at various stores online.

Once you make an account and sign in, there are a bunch of stores that you can browse through, each one offering different amounts of cash back. Check back everyday because the values are always changing. Once you find the store you want to shop at, just click the link and it will redirect you to the website. Just start shopping from there and after you make your purchase, your cash back will be deposited into your EBATES account.

You have the choice to either have a check sent to you once a quarter or receive your cash back through PayPal. I just made a purchase from American Eagle and received 2% cash back which was almost $5.00. It’s really cool to be getting money for buying something that you were planning on purchasing anyway! Plus, it’s a win-win if you also have coupons for the store (like I did!).

They also have this EBATES tag that you can download to your internet browser. This way, anytime you go to a website, the EBATES tag will notify you if the store is offering any cash back promotions! I’ve only shopped through EBATES one time so far but I am really intrigued. I also read that you can link your credit card to receive cash back from shopping in-store as well! Check out this website for yourself. I’ll leave my referral link below. If you decide to sign up, sign up through my link so that you can receive $10!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
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