Today I realized a very important lesson that I hope resonates with anyone reading this. You may think that you are only one small person in this huge world but you DO make an impact on others even though you may not always notice it. YOU MATTER.

I realized this at work today. In my last post, I talked about how I quit my job. WELL, tomorrow is my last day. I did not tell anyone in my building except my manager because I didn’t think that anyone really cared quite honestly. I have only worked at this particular location for 7 months and I barely ever talked to anyone because I work in an office with just my manager and he is always gone during the day. Most of the day I’m working by myself. People see me as they walk past my office and occasionally say hi but that’s usually the extent to which I communicate to other coworkers. I mean, there were very few times where I actually held a conversation with other people for more than 5 minutes but that’s because they came up to me and initiated the conversation. I am a huge introvert so I never initiate conversations because I never know what to say. BUT, if you were to come up and start talking to me, I will say something back to you and try to continue the conversation (and that’s why I love people who LOVE talking because I am a great listener).

ANYWAY, today some ladies down the hall found out that tomorrow was my last day and they were telling me how much they were going to miss me being around. I was quite surprised when they said that because I didn’t even think that I made such an impact (as minimal as it probably was). They expressed their thoughts of how they’d prefer me over some other coworkers (as sad as that sounds lol) and it really made me second guess if I was making the right choice by quitting my job. BUT THEN, I quickly snapped out of it and realized that I’m actually really excited to quit and explore new opportunities! But just knowing that I’ve made that connection was really comforting.

So, this is why you should never for a second think that you don’t matter in this world. People really notice when you’re not there even though you might not think they do. Everyone makes some kind of impact on this world – little or small. Don’t take advantage of the people around you. Who knows, you might be so focused on the idea that you’re alone but in reality the person who is willing to be a real friend is right in front of you and you just keep overlooking them. So, open your eyes around you. Start noticing people because I’m sure they notice you too and don’t for a second think that you are anything less than amazing, unique and loved.

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