Fun & FREE Things To Do in Central Texas

Looking for Fun and FREE Things to Do Outdoors in Central Texas?

My husband and I are always trying to find fun and FREE things to do in Texas since we’ve moved here. We try to make the most of every weekend and the time we have together without having to break the bank. One of my favorite things to do is go for walks along small hiking trails and just take in the fresh air and nature’s perfect art! Now that the weather is warming up (but not too hot) it’s the perfect time to get outside and soak up some vitamin D! Below are 3 fun & FREE places we’ve discovered so far that we will definitely revisit many times before we leave here. Click the titles to see more information about the parks!

1. Mayfield Park and Preserve, Austin.

This is a quiet little park that sits on a 23 acre nature preserve. There is a small cottage that is now a historic landmark. The estate was first purchased in 1909 by Allison Mayfield for his family as a summer home. His daughter Mary moved into the cottage in 1922 and since then, new additions were added onto the house. There is a beautiful garden and stone pond to enjoy around the back. After Mary died in 1971, the estate was handed over to the city of Austin.
If you’re in the area, definitely go check this place out. There are dozens of beautiful peacocks that roam the area freely. Look for them on the rooftops, trees or around the lawn. There is also a little trail that you can walk that leads to a beautiful view of the lake.

2. Chalk Ridge Falls Park, Belton.

I love any place that has water. As soon as you get to the parking lot a beautiful waterfall is in view. Just standing there listening to the water and taking in the fresh air is an enjoyment in itself. I read that the hiking trail was a 3.1 mile loop but not sure if we explored all of it because it didn’t seem that long. As we were walking back, however, I did see some other trails that we did not get to discover. I’m excited to go back and explore more! As you’re walking along smaller waterfalls are seen. The water gets really clear as you get upstream. You’ll see people stopping to dip their feet in the water or let their dogs play. I’ve even seen some people fishing though I’m not sure what kind of fish are available. If you want an easy to moderate level hike, this is definitely the place to go.

3. Pepper Creek Hike & Bike Trail, Temple.  

This is an easy trail to take your family. The trail is all paved with concrete so you don’t have to worry about climbing on or around odd shaped rocks. It’’s a little over 2 miles long and consists of small waterfall and bridge features along the way. The trail is surrounded by trees and grassy area. It doesn’t go in a full circle that I know of. My husband and I walked all the way to the end and ended up turning back the same direction we came to go back the the car. It was an easy walk and really enjoyed the nature and scenery along the way.

Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places or plan to in the future. If you have any other suggestion for fun and free things to do in the area, let me know!

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