Weekend Outings : Waco Suspension Bridge, Palm Sunday!

Happy Monday guys! Hope you all had a great weekend and also a great start to your Monday. Last weekend for hubby and I was pretty laid back (as always). I’ve been casually on the lookout for the perfect furry friend to join our family! I’m in no rush because if and whatever I choose to bring into our family, I would want it to be the perfect fit for both us and the dog. I’ve been interested in adopting a dog from a rescue because there are so many out there that are in need of a loving home.

So, on Saturday, hubby and I headed to Waco to check out this All Breed Rescue dog event that they were having in the parking lot of Gander Mountain. I discovered this event on Facebook. There were so many rescue agencies there that had set up little tents and animals that were in need of a good home. I loved petting each and just looking around. I wanted to take them all home with me! However, though I thought many of them were so cute, I just didn’t find the ‘perfect’ one that I felt connected enough to join our family forever. It’s ok though, adopting a dog is a big decision so I want to make sure I choose carefully and wisely after a lot of thought. I’m still on the ‘casual’ lookout though!

Since we were about an hour drive away from home, we decided to check out the Waco Suspension Bridge while we were in the area. I had found this place on Trip Advisor after googling “things to do in Waco”. This place was really cool, it’s a historic landmark and the other side of the suspension bridge leads you into the city where you can shop/eat. You can also walk down from the bridge along the riverwalk. I saw lots of people fishing and kayaking. Definitely the place to go on a sunny day for a nice walk. As we were walking to the bridge, we met a nice old man who told us a little history and significance of the suspension bridge. The suspension bridge served as the Chisholm Trail crossing which was used to transport cattle across the river.

On Sunday, we decided to go to church for Palm Sunday. I used to go to church every Sunday when I still lived back at home. But ever since living in Texas, I’ve been trying to find the right church for us. The one we went to yesterday was nice. We’ve been there a few times before and they are very contemporary, which I am actually not used to but as long as it brings you closer to the Word then it’s all good. Yesterday was fun, as soon as we entered the church we were given palm branches in celebration of Palm Sunday. I learned that palm branches, back in the day, were the Jewish peoples’ equivalent to fireworks. Just like we set off fireworks to celebrate 4th of July or New Years, the Jewish would wave palm leaves in celebration of something special. These palm branches were waved in the air and laid in the path as Jesus entered Jerusalem, hence Palm Sunday!
The rest of Sunday just consisted of naps and laziness. lol. I’m going to try to get back into the groove of going to church regularly again. It can be really fun sometimes and a great opportunity to meet new people (which is what I really need).

Well, hope the rest of your Monday is great! I’m making California rolls for dinner tonight. Does that count for #MeatlessMonday? 🙂

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