Military Spouse Diaries #3 : Hubby Returns & Going Back to School

Happy Monday y’all. I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. It’s a time that we must take to remember and be thankful of all those who have given their lives to defend our freedom. It’s something that is usually taken for granted but when you actually sit and reflect on what it means to risk your life to protect others, it is amazing and a true act of courage. It’s definitely a selfless act that could never be repaid.

So, last week hubby finally came home from his TDY trip. In fact, to our such luck, he returned home a few weeks earlier than planned. It’s one of those unexpected events the military throws at you that is always welcomed. It doesn’t happen often but it’s refreshing when it does. But it wasn’t long until hubby was back to his original grind at work. It’s funny how things come right back into place like nothing ever happened. However, I did have to get used to cooking dinner for two again. When it’s only me eating, I don’t think much of what I’m eating. But when I’m cooking for other people, I try to put a little more effort. Lol

Also, I’m just finishing up my first quarter of college classes. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve decided to do some more schooling in attempt to attain an accounting certification. It’s funny how they expect teenagers to decide what college major to pursue in order to obtain a job they’d like to do for the rest of their lives. I had no idea what I wanted to be when I was younger and going into college. I feel like I have more determination now since I’ve had a little taste of the real world and a better idea of realistic careers that I would enjoy. That’s why I think that getting this certification will be a nice compliment to my Bachelors degree and possibly give me a little bit of a leg up in my job search.

I would never think about taking college classes if I had to pay out of my own pocket. I’m barely making a dent in the student loans I've been paying off after I graduated from university 5 years ago! But if you’re a military spouse and you haven’t heard about the MyCAA scholarship, you should really look into it. It’s what I’m using now to go back to school. Essentially, they provide $4,000 towards an Associates degree, certification or license. Thankfully, I had already finished college with my Bachelors degree before I started dating and married my husband. I feel like it would be much more challenging to do while married and taking care of a house/family, not to mention the constant moving around in the military. So, to those who have or are doing that now – I respect you.

If you happen to have any other financial aid resources, I would love to know!


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