PCS Time!

This summer, my husband and I experienced our first army PCS move together. Lucky for us, hubby received orders to Washington, which is where I’m from so we’ll be close to family. It’s also the place where we met and got married Washington will always hold a special place in me.

Our first move went smoothly since we didn’t have much stuff to pack. We didn’t own any furniture since our apartment in Texas came furnished. The most stressful thing, in my opinion, was trying to get one of our cars transported across the country. It was something I’ve never done before so I was unsure of how the process worked. Also, I was unaware that the military does not ship your car unless you are PCSing overseas so that was a large out-of-pocket expense that we weren’t expecting. But you live and you learn, especially from experience, so the next time around we will know a lot more of what to expect.

So, we decided have one of our cars transported by a company so that we could drive together in our second car to our new duty station. One of the perks of PCSing within CONUS is that you can road trip and turn it into a mini vacation! We were able to visit family and sightsee on the way. It was super fun and we saw some amazingly beautiful sights!

We saw the Grand Canyon, which was breathtaking, visited Calico Ghost Town, drove through a lot of desert (I mean, A LOT), was randomly stopped by Border Patrol and gazed at the Golden Gate Bridge. The trip lasted about 5 days and by then we were pretty much ready to be settled at our destination. 

Life is really about making the most out of every situation. Although some aspects of military life may be tough, it helps to focus on all the "perks". Being able to travel and see different parts of the world is truly a blessing.

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