Journey of a Military Wife

I joined a military spouse Facebook group a few months back and came across this website that someone had shared in which military spouses can receive free devotional books. It’s a series called Journey Of A Military Wife, written by Brenda Pace who is a fellow military spouse herself and continues to minister to military families. There are four books included in this series which gear towards different seasons of your military life; Directed: Steps of Peace in Times of Transition, Dedicated: Steps of Faith in God’s Plan, Deployed: Steps of Hope in Times of Uncertainty and Devoted: Steps of Love Toward Healthy Relationships. I was really intrigued so I filled in my info and waited for the books to arrive in the mail.

Everyone goes through certain seasons in life but since I have experienced some of this first hand, I know that military spouses, in particular, face especially unique challenges. From deployments, to PCS transitions and maintaining a healthy marriage and family while juggling the all the stress that the military throws at you, it’s comforting to seek spiritual support to strengthen and guide you through life’s obstacles.

I’m excited to start reading these books, especially now during this time of Thanksgiving. I want to grow spiritually stronger so that I can continue to be thankful for all the things in my life, no matter what season in life I am at.

If you are a military spouse, I’ll leave the link down below so that you can get your hands on these books as well. Please feel free share with any other military spouses you may know. Let’s continue to support each other because we’re all in this journey together. If you’ve already read any books in this series, please share your thoughts! I’d love to know what you took away from the reading.

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