New Apartment!

We’re FINALLY settled into our new apartment in WA! Thank goodness for loving parents that opened their home to us for a couple months while we waited for our apartment to be ready. Actually, if it were up to them they would probably have us live with them forever, haha! It was fun being at home again but there’s nothing like having your own home that you can decorate (or mess up lol) however you want.
Finding an apartment within our budget was a lot tougher than I anticipated. In TX, we were living in a small one bedroom apartment and we really wanted to upgrade to at least a 2 bedroom this time. Our base introduced us to a program called the Rental Partnership Program (RPP) in which active military soldiers can receive a 5% discount off monthly rent along with some other benefits if the apartment or landlord they’re renting from is participating in the program. However, we got lucky with the apartment complex that we found because, although they did not participate in the RPP, it was a lot cheaper than the other places we were looking at that did offer a discount. It’s a little bit more of a drive to work for the hubs but it’s worth paying the cheaper rent!
Anyway, I’m so glad to be settled in at my own home before Christmas! I’m excited to cuddle on our new couch and Netflix next to the twinkling tree! It feels good to be back in the northwest! Don’t you just love the feeling of being at home?
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