My Job (they must love me by now)

My. Old. Job. Truly, they either hate me for always leaving or love me for always coming back. I started working at this position in 2013 but after I got married two years later, I ended up leaving to move to Texas with my husband. Only 3 months later I ended up coming back because my husband had deployed to the Middle East. Sure, I could have stayed in Texas but I had literally just moved there so that meant I had nothing. No furniture, no friends and no job! There really wasn’t any reason for me to stay living there while my husband was gone. So, I decided to come back to Washington.

My old boss had heard I was back and offered me a job in a different department (but same building) knowing that it was just temporary. I was so grateful! It was like everything had worked out for the better. I wasable to still make money and I was learning something new, which I’m always up for.

So, after those 9 months had past it was time for me to move back to Texas (for real this time) and welcome my husband’s return from deployment. Life was great. My old boss had put in a good word for me so that I was able to start work right away when I got to Texas. Although, this was the job that I ultimately ended up leaving because it just wasn’t the right fit for me.

NOW…. Now, finally it’s PCS time and it’s back to Washington we go! This time it’s the both of us and it’s for real this time, haha. I always thought to myself that I would find a job with a different company. Start something new. After all I’ve only worked for one company my whole life. But, lo and behold I found that MY OLD JOB IS HIRING! I applied for that position right away. After all, I wanted to get back to work and this was a full-time position which is hard to come by. Plus, I know everyone already and I know how to do the job.

So, the other day I had my interview. It was awkward because they’re asking me these questions when they already knew me but ofcourse you have to go through all the formalities and make it fair. Plus, I really suck at interviews but it didn’t stop them from hiring me the first time, haha. So now we wait for the call. Do you think I’ll get the job?

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