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Hi, I’m Gloria, a 27-year-old from the great Pacific Northwest (Washington State to be exact). Everything I know and love has rooted from this amazing place where I grew up. I even met my wonderful husband here while we were both working part-time at a department store. After he decided to join the United States Army, we continued with our long distance relationship for about 2 years until we officially tied the knot in June of 2015. This has lead me to join him halfway across the country. It’s definitely a different experience and something that I could not enjoy without anyone other than him by my side.

In this blog, I hope to touch on a few of my experiences I have been through and learned from as I have grown older, became a wife, a military spouse and just experiences with life in general. Follow me on my journey as I improve on my cooking skills, try to make our house a home (wherever we may be) and hurdle through other shenanigans that life may throw at us. In this blog, I also hope to share some tips/advice based on personal experiences I have encountered. I’m not an expert by any means, but if you have advice or a great idea that works for you, why not share it with everyone else? If I can spark an interest or the creativity in just one person who reads this, then my job is done.

Lastly, in a world where media likes to focus on the negative, it’s hard to see the positive. There really are great people and great ideas out there. We just have to steer clear of the things that are fogging our vision. The world can genuinely be a great and beautiful place but it starts with us. The world is what YOU make of it. So, let’s share the beauty and the positivity with all. There really is always a rainbow after the storm.

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